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My Thoughts On 10 Years At Mr Youth / MRY

10 years flies fast. When we founded Mr Youth Facebook and Twitter failed to exist, our social networks were on the streets and we would spread the word by giving our paper flyers. We saw a world on the verge of disruption and have been fortunate enough to thrive through it.

From a youth marketing specialist, to a word of mouth boutique  to a social media specialist, and now a full-service digital and technology company; our evolution has only been outpaced by the market that has been our pursuit.


We have been fortunate to be touched by thousands of employees that have walked in and out of our doors whom we still call family today. It is and always has been the people that have made this place special. When at its best at Mr Youth, there has been no better place in the industry.  We’ve had boom times and bad times. Great clients and nightmare ones. We’ve survived being attacked by ferocious mommy bloggers and lived through technology gone wrong. Through it all we have managed to support and stick together through it all. That is where culture is bred.


Youth has always been the lifeblood of our agency. Over 20,000 college students have represented our clients through the years on their campuses. Many students tell us their work with us changed their lives. The ability to harness the first outlet of entrepreneurial spirit in a young person is empowering and rejuvenating We all strive to be young inside and our constant connection with the leaders of tomorrow have ensured we could remain leaders of today.

To all the big brand marketers who took chances on us in the early days and to those that have stuck with us to this very day, we thank you for the opportunity, support, and unwavering belief in disrupting the status quo. We all know that at times disruption at a large corporation can be nearly impossible. Without our “internal champions” whom would fight past layers of paperwork to push through great work and new thinking our agency and others like us never would have made it.


Here’s to celebrating an amazing journey in the rear view mirror and an amazing future ahead of us.

With the deepest gratitude to all whom have crossed our paths,

Matt Britton, Founder & CEO, Mr Youth

How Facebook Can Become A $Trillion Company By 2016

Despite what the “experts” are saying, Facebook’s current stock price, which is largely based on the company’s historical and near-term prospects for advertising revenue is a meaningless gauge of its future potential.  In fact by 2016 this will all seem laughable.

So let’s look ahead about 4 years shall we. Let’s fast-forward to the state of the Internet Circa 2016. Here is what the future really might hold for Facebook.

The date is June1st  2016.

·      Facebook has removed virtually all advertising from Facebook.com as we have all now learned that was just a bridge strategy to appease investors in wake of its IPO

·      After advertising was removed from the site usage continued to grow. Now 90% of all Facebook usage is on mobile devices (including tablets).

·      Facebook has now amassed 2.5 Billion users worldwide and the social and interest graph has accelerated since advertising was removed.  Facebook has created the most powerful database that has ever existed.

·      Facebook’s addition of Facial recognition software, telephone integration, commerce platforms, and mobile applications have created an even more robust dataset on its users.

·      Three companies (The Big 3) now control over 90% of the digital content that is distributed to consumers in-home and on mobile devices. This includes television.



* At home on iTv / iTunes

* On the road: iPhone

* Tablet through iPad

* Content search through Siri

* Powered by iOS


At Home: Xbox

* On the road: Nokia (or related acquisition)

* Tablet: HP (or related acquisition)

* Search: Bing

* Powered by: Windows


* At Home: Google TV / YouTube

* On the road: Motorola

* Tablet: ChromeBook

* Content Search: Google

* Powered by Android

·      Now 80% of the time while on any computing device consumers are logged into Facebook (up from 40% back in 2012)

·      Since Apple broke ground and launched its iTV back in early 2013 television distribution has moved almost entirely to the Internet.

·      Since consumers are now logged into Facebook on TV,  all television advertising is able to be personalized based on social and interest graphs

·      In order to better serve its advertisers The Big 3 have had no choice but to pay Facebook a portion of every advertising dollar it receives to tap Facebook’s powerful database. Facebook is now the “Intel of all advertising” making a cut on every television impression delivered.

·      Facebook is no longer responsible for selling directly to advertisers. They are solely focused on building the best possible platform. They have a built in intravenous revenue stream with no end to growth in sight.

·      News Corp, Viacom, Disney are all being swallowed up as content creators have found much more value in working directly with distribution channels like YouTube. Traditional television networks have now been replaced by companies that aggregate content and distribute through the Big 3

·      Pandora & Spotify are now installed in 75% of all vehicles worldwide both of which pay Facebook a fee for every radio ad they serve

·      Facebook’s stock now trading at $1,000 becomes the first $1 Trillion company

Crazy? I don’t think so.

Disclosure: I am a Facebook & Apple shareholder and have current or past business relationships via Mr Youth with Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

Where Marketers At CES Missed The Mark

CES is a physically grueling experience. Your basic everyday needs like Coffee, Transportation, decent food, and Rest are ripped away from you as you deal with long lines, and endless people everywhere you go. To really make the most of a show like this and all of the meetings and activities surrounding it you better bring your ‘A Game’.

Madness at CES

Enter the world’s largest brands who invest millions of dollars in a trade show environment to drive buzz and publicity, entertain & inspire key customers, and ultimately rise above the clutter. To do this brands of all walks from gadget markers, to media companies, to automakers are increasingly looking for avenues to reach consumers beyond the showroom floor. Branding is everywhere from taxi tops to giants billboards which often just adds to the noise that is inescapable.

In recent years almost every brand has taken the step to rent out the most prominent nightclubs in Vegas to throw “invite only” open bar parties, which absolutely anyone can walk into most of the time. They will hire big name DJ’s and spend considerable resources towards making sure they fill the club at all costs. And fill it up they do… with anyone and everyone attracted to the free drinks and allure  of the clubs.

The reality is that almost every one of these parties are unremarkable experiences.  The nightclubs are simply too large for brands to create a memorable branded experience so the activations generally consists of a few banners and a few scattered brand kiosks  for consumers to touch the products, which they could obviously accomplish at the show.

These Brand sponsored parties, like CES itself end up being incredibly male dominated creating an awkward and surreal environment at somewhere like Marquee, at Tao, or XS. Everyone just feels out of place. It is way too loud to do any real networking and most people leave without any new appreciation for the presenting brand, it’s just more noise.

The next morning everyone in Vegas will wake up dehydrated, hung over needing basic necessities like coffee, a ride to the show and would crave a luxury like a massage, someone to help them rebook a flight or find a quiet place for a meeting. The brands? Nowhere to be found as people wait in lines for 45 minutes at Starbucks. 45 Minutes which any brand could give back and reap the rewards by creating pop-up coffee shops throughout Vegas.

45 Minute Starbucks Line at CES

There are countless ways for brands to stand out at CES by providing real utility to showgoers in ways that will breakthrough, create buzz, and drive real perception change. When GroupMe gave away grilled cheese at SXSW they dominated a show of equal stature and prominence. Why? People needed to eat! And its safe to say it paid off for them.

So the next time you are thinking of spending anywhere from $100,000 to $1Million filling up a nightclub with folks who won’t remember your brand think about your experience at the show. The attendees at CES are sophisticated and will not be impressed by these glitzy events, but would have tweeted about you like crazy if you were giving out free Gatorade outside the airport this morning.