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My Thoughts On 10 Years At Mr Youth / MRY

10 years flies fast. When we founded Mr Youth Facebook and Twitter failed to exist, our social networks were on the streets and we would spread the word by giving our paper flyers. We saw a world on the verge of disruption and have been fortunate enough to thrive through it.

From a youth marketing specialist, to a word of mouth boutique  to a social media specialist, and now a full-service digital and technology company; our evolution has only been outpaced by the market that has been our pursuit.


We have been fortunate to be touched by thousands of employees that have walked in and out of our doors whom we still call family today. It is and always has been the people that have made this place special. When at its best at Mr Youth, there has been no better place in the industry.  We’ve had boom times and bad times. Great clients and nightmare ones. We’ve survived being attacked by ferocious mommy bloggers and lived through technology gone wrong. Through it all we have managed to support and stick together through it all. That is where culture is bred.


Youth has always been the lifeblood of our agency. Over 20,000 college students have represented our clients through the years on their campuses. Many students tell us their work with us changed their lives. The ability to harness the first outlet of entrepreneurial spirit in a young person is empowering and rejuvenating We all strive to be young inside and our constant connection with the leaders of tomorrow have ensured we could remain leaders of today.

To all the big brand marketers who took chances on us in the early days and to those that have stuck with us to this very day, we thank you for the opportunity, support, and unwavering belief in disrupting the status quo. We all know that at times disruption at a large corporation can be nearly impossible. Without our “internal champions” whom would fight past layers of paperwork to push through great work and new thinking our agency and others like us never would have made it.


Here’s to celebrating an amazing journey in the rear view mirror and an amazing future ahead of us.

With the deepest gratitude to all whom have crossed our paths,

Matt Britton, Founder & CEO, Mr Youth