Five social media services to light up during Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is headed towards the media capital of the world and you can count on the technorati to turn to their devices and valued social networks as they seek higher ground to give you a first hand account of what they are seeing. Here are 5 social media services sure to explode when Irene hits the shores.

  • Blackberry BBM: This one is indisputable BBM has proven to be the most reliable device-to-device communications platform due to its unique wireless protocols which can be quite handy when wireless services are otherwise overloaded.
  • Yammer: At Mr Youth we will be using Yammer as our ongoing communications thread in case people need to shack up at our shiny new digs during this weekends melee…clients welcome.
  • Instagram:  Those brave enough to ignore the mayor’s plea to evacuate will likely be showing off their bravado through over-filtered photos of the Armageddon on Instagram. Click here for a real-time feed of people doing just this.
  • Twitter: Through civil unrest, natural disasters, and times of euphoria Twitter lights up with snarky, over-hyped, and hilarious tweets. This one is a no-brainer. 
  • Foursquare, the rampant Earthquakepocalypse check-ins of earlier this week will as expected turn into Hurricanepocalypse check-ins Let the drenched super swarms begin